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Fun Date Ideas

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  • WineGuyz ( 58 / M / Largo, FL )

    First date is really just a meet and greet ! Just a time to see if we both like each other and see if we have anything in common.

  • SSpewnydickilv2l ( 52 / M / Douglasville, GA )

    Let's meet in a park so we can talk-a-lot. Or grab a beer together, somthin of that nature.

  • HenryVIII1965 ( 52 / M / Lanskroun, Pardubicks Kraj )

    Najít pár přátel naturistů na různá setkání,zábava,uvolnění se. Nejde mi o sex i když ho mám rád.Jsem free.

  • nicholstheman64 ( 53 / M / Oklahoma City, OK )

    A hot chocolate and walk around Bricktown in winter or in summer, grab a slurpee and walk out at the lake.

  • RockinD ( 55 / M / Sulphur Springs, TX )

    I love to have a nice dinner in such a place to go walking afterwards. One place I like is the Ft Worth Stock Yards. Great dining and plenty of things to see. Take time for a realistic honest conversation to what we real...  read more >>

  • andy91210 ( 58 / M / North Vancouver, BC )

    Go for a picnic somewhere. Maybe do a little nude sunbathing.

  • doktorgroove ( 59 / M / South Lake Tahoe, CA )

    First shoot me an email

  • pegacorn ( 50 / C / Orlando, FL )

    We would meet at a local coffee shop or bar to meet each other. No pressure. No expectations.

  • edgar1962 ( 55 / M / Paisley, FL )

    i think all first wound go better nude not a thing to hide but first date just talk not for sex unless it happen that love ed

  • nudist691 ( 54 / M / Cornwall, ON )

    a candle light dinner in the nude

  • Gabriel_Ramirez ( 51 / M / Riverside, CA )

    just sitting down enjoying the sun having great conversation

  • thebarefacts_51 ( 51 / M / Queensland )

    How about we have a candlelit dinner then after maybe a long walk along the beach.

  • Boogey33 ( 56 / M / Gosford, New South Wales )

    Meet at Balgowlah Heights Carpark and commence 4 klm long National Park walk along Coast line to Manly laugh flirt and lunch in Scenic Manly Corso area-grab our water and trek back to our respective cars-A great day outd...  read more >>

  • Ronald_Green ( 59 / M / Lancaster, OH )

    Head to a nudist resort in W.V. or MI. I know of for diner and a swim.

  • Silverwonderer01 ( 55 / M / Tampa, FL )

    Be able to comfortably meet in a public area then head over to the beach or campground for nudists. Enjoy the day being free.

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